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Study your Degree in the United Kingdom:

  1. Has the best universities in the world.

  2. Qualification are recognized worldwide.

  3. Huge variety of programs.

  4. Great work opportunities.

  5. Multi-Cultural Society.

  6. One of the safest countries in the world.

Cost of Living


 One of the best things about living in the UK is the variety of accommodation options:

Hotels –Starts from £35 per night.

School or University Campus Rooms– Starts from £130 and prices depend on school and location.

Home Stay– Starts from £150 pounds. 

Flat or House -  Starts from £95 pounds.

Cost of Studying in the UK


In 2019, international students paid between £10,000 and £35,000 annually for lecture based undergraduate degrees. It is also worth knowing that an undergraduate medical degree can cost overseas students up to £38,000 per year. The cost will depend on the university.

Where to study?

In the UK you can find hundreds of universities around the country. London is one of the most expensive cities for students to live and study in. But where ever you go you can be assured that the quality of the education system is one of the best in the world.

What can you study in the UK?

International Foundation Programs

International Year One

Undergraduate Programs


Master and Postgraduate Programs


UNIPOT Education Consultancy based in the UK. We will help you to study in the UK by assisting you with your application to UK Universities

Why choose the UK to study or join University:

Typically, the homeland is a place where people like to study and pursue their carrier in the future, but whenever someone wants to broaden the concepts and knowledge on a global scale, traveling to study in the UK is their best choice. However, why would you travel to the UK? Because UK provides one of the best top-notch teaching methods, quality research facilities, the diverse culture of the UK, and flawless educational infrastructure. These are the reasons people typically chose the UK to pursue a career in education.


The other factors about the UK educational system are:

  • There are more or less 390 to 395 universities and colleges in the UK which offer more than 50000 undergraduate level education courses.

  • There are many universities with different deadlines making a broader timeline to apply.

  • There is financial help on tuition fees provided by scholarships in the UK.

  • There is only a language course needed with a visa to study in the UK.

  • There is probably a university accommodation which the freshies or 1st year students can use.

Internationally Recognizable Universities:

The UK being a famous country to study, provides an educational system which is recognized all over the globe. Their Degree is, therefore, recognizable.

First Class education:

The UK follows an educational system and curriculum that is considered the best in the world. There is a QAA which inspects the universities regularly to check the standards of teaching and resources. In return, it provides quality education.

Opportunities are favored:

  • There is a shorter duration of courses in the UK, which reduces tuition and living cost.

  • The institution offers a wider variety of courses and fields.

  • English is a universal language and plays a vital role in communication throughout the UK. This makes it easier to study in the UK.

  • The UK promotes and supports in helping students develop skills in the English language, making way for employment.

  • The relation between teacher and student is close because of the friendly and opportunity-driven educational system.


The UK is a country of both culture and tradition, paving the way for the student to experience a better environment, meeting fellow students from aboard and developing skills in students, that are a must in today's workforce.

Work and Earn during Study:

The UK is well known for its friendly environment. This helps the student in earning while studying. They are not forced to follow the pattern whole part of the day but are favored to earn part-time while studying in the outer half. There are internship programs and skills developed in students by the education pattern, which are then added to the CV.

Graduate Immigration Route:

The UK provides a graduation immigration route for students that want to pursue their careers in this country. They can stay in the UK for more than 2 years after completing their graduation. The UK also helps in their jobs and placement.

UK student Visa:

If someone wants to study in the UK for their higher education, they need a Tier 4 General student visa. For the UK, the process is quite easy and straightforward.


A student who is thinking about pursuing their study career in the UK is well off. Because the UK is one of the friendliest places for students, paving the way for undergraduates to apply.

You can even consult some teachers from UK or consultants who might help you in your quarries. UNIPOT Education Consultancy is your choice when deciding to study abroad or in the United Kingdom. At UNIPOT Education Consultancy we can help students who want to study:

English Language Courses

English Pre-Sessional Courses

Study Foundation Programs & International Year One

Study Bachelor Degrees BA / BSc / BEng

Study Pre-Masters

Study Master Programs

Study PhD

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