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We are UNIPOT Education Services a team of Education consultants based in, United Kingdom. We specialise in assisting students from around the world to come and study in the UK. We help students in achieving their educational goals by recommending education institutions that meet their needs and are recognised by their sponsors and home country.

Our team help applicants form around the world who are looking to study in the UK. Our team help students to apply to join English Language Centres and Schools in the UK. We also help students who are looking to study undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the United Kingdom such as Foundation Programs, Bachelor Degrees, Pre-Masters, Masters and PHDs.

Our service includes:


University Selection

Course Selection

Document Review

Application & Admission Assistance



Once the applicant contact us, we will ensure that we understand his/her background and future career goals and based on that we will recommend a number of universities which run the relevant educational program and where the student has better chances of being accepted based on the entry requirements and the students’ academic background. We will apply to the selected universities and follow-up with them regularly until the applicant receives the outcome. We will guide the applicant throughout the whole process and communicate with him/her during the whole process and until he/she arrives in the UK.

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