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Develop Your English Language Skills:

 Why Study in the United Kingdom?

1.       It's the home of the English language.

2.       Best Language Schools in the world.

3.       Huge variety of English Courses.

4.       Native Speakers.

5.       Multi-Cultural Society.

6.       One of the safest countries in the world.

Cost of Living
One of the best things about living in the UK is the variety of accommodation options:

Hotels –Starts from £35 per night.

School or University Campus Rooms– Starts from £130 and prices depend on school and location.

Home Stay– Starts from £150 pounds. 

Flat or House -  Starts from £95 pounds.

قبولات جامعيه 

Which City is Best to Study English?

In the UK you can find hundreds of Language Schools and Centers. London is one of the most expensive cities for students

Big Ben
Cost of Studying in the UK


The Tuition Fees will defer from one school to another. The prices per week for 5 days will start from around £130. Students can choose from a number of English courses such as General English, IELTS preparation and University English Pre-Sessional Courses.

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